Montessori Toys Baby Visual Stimulation Cards Black and White High Contrast Flash Cards Learning Educational Toys for Children


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  • Theme: Animals & Nature
  • Warning: no eat
  • Certification: China certified (3C)
  • Model Number: Children recognize color cards
  • Brand Name: TBJOY
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Recommend Age: 0-3y,3-6y
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Between the ages of 0 and 3 is the golden age for baby brain development.Activate the baby’s visual nervous system through black and white card and color card Promoting whole brain development and matching light and shade,Perception of graphics.Improve observation, curiosity, and the ability to explore .It’s great for your baby’s vision development and brain development!
Harmless to health

name: Visual excitation card
Paper thickness: 350 grams of green copper plate card
Stlye A: a volume of 20 sheets, 40 sides   Size: 14*14cm/5.5*5.5in
Stlye B: a volume of 16 sheets, 32 sides Size: 14*14cm/5.5*5.5in   
Stlye C: a volume of 18 sheets, 36 sides Diameter 13.8cm/5.4in
Material: double – sided submembrane waterproof and non – reflective

0-3 Month Black and white vision period, only black and white vision, in the fuzzy period of plane vision.
3-6 Month Red sensitive period ,can feel the shape and color of objects Can see the difference between distance and near.
6-12Month Color vision period,gradually can feel the distance, height, left and right of the object in three-dimensional scene.
12-24Month Stereoscopic period,a stage of rapid development of visual observation and cognitive abilities, with a certain resolution.

Please allow 0.3-1cm due to manual measurement.
Due to different monitor, the color(s) may have difference contrast to the picture displayed.

Style A                                                                     

Style B                                                                     

Style C                                                                    


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